Department of First World Problems Take 3,255,999

Our very la-tee-dah espresso maker blew a gasket the day we returned from our trip. It started spewing and dripping extraordinarily hot coffee on our hands which made the delicious brown wake up juice experience a double whammy; having 102 degree water spit at your hand just before dawn wakes you up almost as thoroughly as the caffeine. As the resident spaz, I assumed it was spewing on me because I didn’t apply the coffee grounds thingy appropriately. But when I heard the exclamations of early morning pain emoting from TG, I knew something was wrong because MacGyver The Girl knows her way around gadgets and doesn’t accidently eff them up. Sure, she has been known to break a window throwing rocks at a rabbit. . .

Two weeks later, the gasket still hasn’t arrived. I have to suffer through with the Krups drip coffee maker. What the Hell? Where’s the gasket? Sure sure people have lost their homes, prized possessions and priceless family heirlooms in the Frankenstorm. But until their fancy Italian coffee maker has blown a gasket leaving at the mercy of the low rent Krups coffee pot they don’t know the real loss of having to stand next to a coffee pot that slowly s-l-o-w-l-y dripsdripsdripsdrips when the cute little Italian number sits quietly in her corner of the kitchen waiting for her simple little $1.49 gasket.

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