From The Way Back Machine: Everyone’s Got One

My bucket list

map found here

I had one of those Bad Days at work yesterday things happened that wouldn’t have happened if people just did their damn jobs properly, punctually and efficiently…grumble…moan…whine…grumble…

But enough of me in Battle Axe mode because complaining about it won’t help or fix it or change anything other than maybe increase the stress related pains in my neck and shoulders. I would much rather write about something fun and trite like our bucket list. One of my friends thinks the whole Bucket List thing is morbid and sad but to me it’s a positive and hopeful thing having a bucket list. The Girl had equal input on this list:

Places to see
Phuket Thailand
Miami Florida
Key West
Hollywood California
South of France
Barcelona Spain
Rhodes Greece
Corfu Greece
Athens Greece
Florence Italy
India (the southern coasts east and west plus Taj Mahal and the Kahjuraho temples)
Merida Mexico
Oaxaca Mexico
Oamaru New Zealand

(note the many places by the water last summer me and TG decided all vacations must include water because that‘s what we love the most)

Things to do and experience
Live outside of the US
Visit Oldest Friend in her faraway home
Rent a house for a month or more in Southern France
Swim with manatees (this might happen sooner rather than later)
Write a mushy sappy romance novel
Just write for a living
Full moon party on a beach somewhere in the world
Elephant trek
Volunteer at an elephant refuge for a couple of days
See the aurora borealis

I think we can fit all this in. I’m sure of it.

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