Another helpful parenting tip from June

Thank goodness school starts tomorrow. Beav has been out of school since December 20th and well before that his room had reached the point of: “Dude, I think a small animal died in hear a week ago. But we may never find it because the enemy spy organization left such a mess when they tossed it looking for that micro fiche.”

But how do you discipline an 18 year old who is old enough to tip strippers, vote or march off to war? I’ve been through this conundrum before and there isn’t an easy answer. Fortunately, I’m imaginative and have an inner Evil Genius I can access out of desperation. I devised the perfect punishment and was a little disappointed I didn’t get to use it because the kid finally “cleaned” his room. (At least it didn’t look like it was the scene from a Bourne film) I guess in a few weeks I’ll get to say these words:

“Son, if you don’t clean your room, you have to drive me to Nordstroms and sit quietly with me while I try on–what seems like–every pair of shoes in my size.”

Brilliant, eh?

Feel free to use this consequence if you need to.

5 thoughts on “Another helpful parenting tip from June

  1. Wicked. Brilliant. Alas I live in Sweden. No way to torture spawn w/ this terrific threat. Must figure out where to buy shoes in Scando equivalent (Nordstroms Swedish surname, no?).

    • Roxie, I’ve been traveling so much that I haven’t had time to whine about my life. Stay tuned I’ll probably start posting here again. In the meantime you can find me at Thanks for reading over the years!

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